Blank Frank Black (vdkapenguin) wrote in ohag,
Blank Frank Black


This is the "husbands community" which I suggested we should start. I have titled it "OHAG", which stands for "our husbands are gay". Feel free to tell any and all stories about your rampant sexual experiences either with husbands or other men...But try to mostly keep us posted on current relationships.
You should both take a look at the interests list and give me suggestions on what to add to it. There needs to be more biscuits that we all like/have slept with, etc.
I think we should all start off by typing a brief history of our engagements, both playful romps and commitments. Mine is in need of clarification because, having not yet gotten married, I have a complicated history.
And for god's sake, don't tell anyone that this journal exists. Or at least not where to find it. Actually, it might end up being a good idea to just friends-lock the entire community, since seeing as I'm the moderator people might be curious when looking at my info.
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